Congratulations! You now have everything you need to create your business cards.

This is a good subject for me to discuss because I need to be reminded of this step.  There are many times when I am out and about and people ask me for my business card or I go to give them a card and I DON’T HAVE ONE. This is because I either didn’t put them in my wallet, car, backpack, etc. or I ran out of them. (Insert palm to forehead.) I wish I could say I learn from my mistakes but that isn’t always true. It is hard for me to look back on the missed opportunities I could have had for business. (Insert another palm to forehead.) But the past is the past and I guess I should take my own advice.

When companies are small and just starting out, business cards are one of the things that get put on the back burner as too expensive and something they can’t afford. I also hear the excuse, “I don’t have all my stuff so I can’t make my cards yet.” BUT they are important.  If you have been following along with the steps, you should have a logo, a phone number, and an email address. “But I don’t have my website built yet, ” is what I hear next. You have a domain name ( You don’t have to have your website set up. It can be a work in progress. (We will get to this in another step.) You do have the information people need to contact you for your services and you are ready to get your cards.

There are many options for getting business cards. You may need a lot or a little. That will depend on your business. You can print them yourself. You can order them from somewhere for a more professional look. It is all up to you. I choose to get mine from Vista Prints. They have a good selection and they make ordering easy. There are more companies than I can count that can help you. It depends on what you want.

The point is, don’t be like me. Don’t let yourself be caught without a business card when you need one. Get them. Keep them where you can find them. Use them. They are a great way to help your business grow.