Today let’s talk phones. We need them. We all have them. It seems like we can’t live without them.

This one might seem like a weird discussion since everyone has a phone, right? This step could be considered optional….. but hear me out. If you are going to interact with the consumer in any way at all, I suggest that you get a different number from your personal line. The options are endless really. Here are a few suggestions. You could use google voice or Godaddy business line. This might cost a few bucks a month. I even sell IP phone systems with numbers that can be forwarded to your cell number. This is cheaper than having a dedicated phone, and it will allow you to separate your business calls from your personal calls. I mean at 11 pm you probably don’t want to talk to an angry consumer, but you may want to hear from your kids, friends, or parents. Deciding what you will use should be done sooner than later. You could wait, but then your customers, website, business cards, etc. would have your old number and it would take some work and cost to change things and let people know of the changes.

So decide if a phone number is something that you want. Seriously consider it. It will help you in the long run.